My name is Jay Schankman, and I am a commissioned Notary Public for the state of Ohio. I run a Mobile Notary business, called Ohio Notarial.. I service customers throughout southern and central Ohio.

My specific job is to get your documents notarized, wherever or whenever you need.

I can meet you at any time of the day or evening. My pricing is reasonable, and is based upon the nature of the request, the distance to be travelled, the time of day, and the exact notarial duties to be performed.
Property Transfer * Deed of Trust/ Mortgage * Quitclaim/Warranty Deeds * Occupancy Affidavit * Compliance Agreement * 
Owner's Affidavit * Durable/Limited Power of Attorney * Reverse Mortgage *  Signature or Name Affidavit *
Survey Affidavit Advanced Healthcare Directive * Irrevocable Trust or Living Trust * 
Safety Deposit Box Verification * Proof of Identification Affidavit

Please leave contact information and enough detail so I can quickly assess the urgency and scope of your request.This is very important, and will help us both speed things along.

I strongly urge you to contact your legal advisor in advance, so that you can have the proper legal documents for me to notarize
Ohio Counties Serviced:

Ross, Pickaway, Logan, Fairfield, Franklin.
 Call 740 804 1643